Tuesday, February 1, 2011


We are in the midst of a lovely ice storm, so the kids are home from school. Everything is coated with ice and the dogs did not appreciate stepping out onto a slippery porch this morning, although it gave me a good laugh. Thankfully, the cat that comes and goes from the house was ensconced in her room. She came to us last summer bone thin with a belly full of kittens and several ticks embedded in her skin.

Today will be a day for taking pictures to capture the dangerous beauty of the ice; my apple trees are bowing down with the weight of it, and I hope they will not break.  Tonight there is supposed to be more freezing rain-my prayer for then is that the power stays on.  We might live in an old farmhouse, but strangely, there isn't a working fireplace and the thought of freezing for a few days without power is less than appealing. 

Tuesday has a to do list also:
~vacuum the downstairs (I love my pets, but not their hair!)
~vacuum couch
~Dust living room
~cat boxes
~bake more muffins because the kids eat so much
~work on essay

Prior to this school year we homeschooled for a total of five years. The kids are enjoying being in school and I enjoy the ability to take a heavier course load for myself-in the hopes of not graduating past 50. Today they asked if I could homeschool them since they were off of school.

How could I refuse that?


  1. I love what you wrote Alana....needing less, so there is more. :) We are getting freezing rain, too. Hope you don't lose power!

  2. Praying that you don't loose power! We lived in one of those old farmhouses and I know how cold ours was, even with "heat". Ours didn't have a fireplace either ... it had been built to be heated with wood stoves. Once we put ours in, our world was much warmer, and I wasn't so afraid of losing power. Prayers!

    BTW, your pictures are beautiful!


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