Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Ducks, Chicks and Yogurt

There seems to have been a small shift toward Spring. This week will have temps in the 50's and 60's and then back to the 30's, I have been smelling skunks everywhere, and the wildlife seems more active.  Tomorrow I have big plans to head outside and do hours of yardwork.

In a couple of weeks the feed store will be having "Chick Days" and we are going to pick up 4 more chicks to raise and then add to our small flock. They also carry ducklings, and to me ducklings are irresistible. I love adult ducks too. Last year I almost bought a couple but decided against it because the logistics of chickens had not yet been figured out. My mind has been working and I have figured out that we can easily add ducks. There is a duck run built on the side of the barn, an old dog house can be used as a duck house and I will stable up some predator proof fencing over  and around the run.  The previous owners also left a large child's pool and they can use that for their water. An added bonus, since ducks are messy in their water, I can use their old pool water for the garden-instant fertilizer. 

Today I am making yogurt in my crock pot.  I found the recipe at website A Year of Slow Cooking.
I am still trying to figure out how to make fruit yogurt.  Whenever I blend the fruit in my yogurt becomes a smoothie...so sometimes I toss in a frozen banana, some spinach and spirulina algae and make it a super healthy smoothie. Once, I put the yogurt in a strainer lined with coffee filters and let it sit overnight. A bunch of whey and fruit juice ran off and I was left with super creamy yogurt.  I used the whey for baking, but the kids said the yogurt was "too creamy".  Any ideas??

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  1. Too creamy? That's like saying "Too delicious." We usually flavor our yogurt with an all-fruit spread. I've never had good luck using unsweetened raw fruit in yogurt--the juice releases and makes the whole thing--yes, smoothie-ish. I mix a little honey in plain yogurt, then add frozen berries on top for the kids to mix in themselves. They love that. If you're trying to make a big batch of fruit yogurt at once, what about cooked fruit?


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