Wednesday, February 2, 2011

A Barn Swallow and Provision

 Barn Swallows are my favorite type of bird...
Resident barn swallow flying from our barn

and in a small boutique during late summer of 2008, I found a plate that had a barn swallow with clouds as it's design.  My husband suggested I buy it, but when I looked at the price it was $200- for a melamine plate with a decoupage design on it- by John Derian.
There was NO way I could bring myself to spend that much on a plate, so with a longing backward glance I walked away.

A couple months later my mom called me and told me she had been diagnosed with Leukemia. I have some wonderful friends, and upon hearing the news they mobilized quickly and told me they were taking me out to dinner for a fun night out, I agreed knowing it would be helpful to have a nice distraction while processing this new reality.

The night of our dinner I was early, so I decided to wander around Target to waste time. I walked around aimlessly,  until I turned a corner, and saw that Target was carrying a collection of John Derian items.  I ran over, and under a stack of plates was my plate, slightly altered, but the same swallow and close enough to the original design.  It was priced at $20 so I bought it.
It now holds a focal point of honor on my mantle and serves as a small  reminder that things will usually work out.

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  1. Things have an odd way of working out don't they? :-)


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