Saturday, February 19, 2011

Six Years Ago Today....

On February 19, 2005 my family was received into the Orthodox Church.
We converted from Protestantism driven by a desire to have something more with a deep historical connection. I first discovered the Orthodox Church from an online parenting forum when I met our godmother Presvytera Lisa. She and her husband (who is an Orthodox Priest) were a wealth of information. With her suggestion we started attending a Greek Orthodox Church near our home with a wonderful Priest named Fr. Paul.  The conversion process took many months- there was a lot of research done, questioning, discussions, reading- it isn't something that is jumped into and afterward there can be a very large learning curve.
Fr. Paul decided that we would be baptised and chrismated on February 19th which was the Feast Day of St. Philothea and it was our last chance before Lent to do it. Our godparents drove 4 hours to be there with us, and it was a very exciting, lovely day. This is where the name Eleni comes from for me, it is my Church name after St. Helen. Another wonderful this happened that day as well...our godmother, after the long drive home decided to take a pregnancy test on a whim...and discovered she was indeed pregnant! 9 months later she had a beautiful little girl.


  1. Eleni, you make my heart sing! I'm humbled by your journey and love you forever! That lovely day will never be forgotten! May God grant you many, many, many more years! The best is yet to come! Continue to enjoy the journey and all that it brings! May it be blessed!

  2. God grant you many years!

    Patty Joanna
    from TWTM

  3. I see Patty Joanna followed your link as well! What a joyous anniversary for you all. What a blessed gift is the Church.



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