Friday, February 11, 2011

Dog....the Lunatic Maker

I hear from friends with small children that they are going batty because the weather is cold and their kids are cooped up in the house without a good outlet to get rid of energy.
Im out of that stage of life, with my kids.
However, for reasons unknown to me, that space could not remain empty, and has been suitably filled by two dogs named Leia and Daisy.
Leia, being a cattle dog has some serious exercise requirements, and Daisy who is an American Eskimo/Chihuahua mix of a whopping 4 months old has just as much energy with the added bonus of the need to bark.
Together they work to drive me to the asylum.
Leia is the size of several Daisys and is bossy. When Daisy is bad, Leia grabs her by her head and drags her across the floor. Daisy yelps, I yell at Leia to drop her.
Every morning they go ballistic and run around the house chasing each other, while Daisy barks incessantly. This is not good before coffee.
 It is very very very very very very bad before coffee.
Heck, it is bad AFTER coffee.
This evening I was lazy, and let Daisy out without her leash, normally she goes a few feet from the porch, does her business and runs back.
Not today.
Since she is cooped up and crazy and has rocket fuel in her she ran across the yard and went to the chicken coop and started eating chicken poop.
She was then put into time out for an hour in her crate to confine her grossness.
Later, while putting the kids to bed, they both ganged up on Jack the Cat which created much barking and jumping and barking and knocking things over, and yelling (from me).
When they noticed I was yelling "Out" they dutifully left, only to go try to eat out of the cat box.
After that, Daisy realized the toilet held water and heaved her little self up to drink out of it. This led to more yelling on my part, this time "Get out of the toilet!!" My oldest son was in the other bathroom brushing his teeth, and the poor kid thought I was yelling at him. 
Thankfully, this weekend should warm to 40 degrees, and maybe, possibly that sheet of ice that is my yard will melt.  Then, should that miracle arrive, I am sticking them outside in the fenced area to run and bark their little hearts out.
Perhaps then they will return to being sane dogs, and  I will not be a yelling crazy woman.
Which would be awesome, because I am not a yeller- it hurts my throat and gives me a headache...but these dogs.....

Yes, even this cute, relaxed looking monster.....

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  1. "Confine their grossness" could be a blog all on it's own when you have kids and animals. Sometimes I feel like a zookeeper, not a mom, so I hear ya! Cute blog you have here, I came by through The Homeschool Lounge's Blogging Basics.
    Melyssa from


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