Monday, March 5, 2012

A Snapshot of the Past Few Months

I plan on blog posts that are more indepth about these happenings, but for now the past few months in brief:

August- A family trip to the zoo where my husband is noticeably walking oddly.

September- A Dr visit with notes of other strange symptoms, a video of the odd walking leading to a Dr. trying to suppress his panic. A few MRI's.

October- Appointment with a Neurologist. I decide I should go to work and start studying for my insurance license.

November- pass my license exam, go away for a week for corporate training, husband has a spinal tap. Husband is then diagnosed with  Multiple Sclerosis.

December- everyone is adjusting to this diagnosis and to me working

And then more of the same...
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It's been awhile...

But I will get this site up and running again.
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