Tuesday, May 3, 2011


~cracking still warm eggs that I just collected from the nesting boxes into a bowl for the cookies I am baking for my children

~ a husband who may not fully understand my aversion to talking on the phone, but accepts it

~ a small dog that causes me to smile often

~ a card from a little girl declaring "Dear Mom, you are the greatest mom in the unavers and have a happy birthday" that she adorned with flowers and sunshine and a "Happy Sping" (yes Sping)

~ this memory that I discovered on an old blog of mine...

This morning the kids tumbled out of bed, ran downstairs, and said "Can WE go OUTSIDE!?" at the top of their lungs. It was about 7:30, I was just starting on my coffee...and I said yes..please. They ran outside to play basketball. Few minutes later my 7yo came in to tell me that my 5yo daughter made her first basket EVER and he was pretty proud of her. I was too.

I settled in on the couch with a book I have been reading by the Monks of New Skete called In the Spirit of Happiness. It is a book that I read a bit, pause, think, then go back to. During one of the pauses I glanced up and looked out my living room window. In front of that window is where our little apple orchard is. The kids had grabbed an encyclopedia, and climbed up into the largest tree to look through it together. It was one of those perfect moments....that my camera battery is never charged for. The sun was peeking out...the apple trees are in full flower, the grass is such a lush green, and carpeted with white petals. It was gorgeous, and sweet, and hit home for me just how amazing being a mother is.

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