Monday, May 23, 2011

Car Conversations

"Hey Mom, can you be my substitute teacher? Come into the school and tell Ms. H to take the day off and then you can teach us!"
"No, Gwen. Mom can't she needs to graduate first and would need a degree in teaching"
"Well, Mom, go do that! "
"But Gwen, she isn't going to graduate in time to teach your class."
"Yeah, she might even still be in college when we go to college!"
"And then we can go to college with MOM!!"
"Hey! Mom! Remember when you were super interested in Psychology and Russian Literature? And all you read was books written by Russian people and big thick books about Psychology?"
"Yeah! And Add and I told you that you should be a Russian Psychologist!"
"What does a Psychologist DO anyway? Do they make people psycho?"
"No...the opposite"
" they help people work through irrationalities and my fear of stuffed animals in museums"

I  just drove and listened to my 3 children talk on and on......


  1. And what awesome conversations they have!!

  2. They are beyond awesome. I love those kids of yours! Do you remember the first time Addison went into the taxidermy section of the Ohio museum and freaked out because he had NO warning and came face to face with a giant bear.


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