Wednesday, May 25, 2011

And now for something completely cute....

Somehow my family convinced me to keep Burrito. It is absolutely awful having to keep this snuggly, always purring, feisty, TV watching, toilet falling into, feet attacking kitten. Sheer torture I tell you.

The resident housecats are not too thrilled about this new addition. The dogs have had different reactions. Leia wants to play...or eat him (not sure which)
Burrito wants nothing to do with her and stands his ground.
I think in this one he is threatening to claw her face off if she comes any closer.

With Daisy he is completely different.  They paw at each other, and Daisy lets him chew on her ears.  I took this photo of them playing together. After I took this Burrito began licking Daisy's face. I guess her doggie hygiene was not good enough for this kitten.
I also think Daisy wins "Most Patient Dog of the Year" award.

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