Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Productivity and Fiction

Recently I discovered an easy way to keep myself on task throughout the day. I program into the calendar on my iphone all the things I want/need to do in the course of the day with the beginning times. Once that is entered I program the alert to go off 5-15 minutes before my next task. It has worked wonderfully in the past but not today.

Today I was supposed to:
finish reading a book I'm writing a paper on
Make an outline for the paper to make the writing easier
Tackle the mountain of laundry that needs folded
Sort, purge, and bag clothes for Goodwill
Vacuum and dust
And do outside work because it is an amazingly beautiful day and my gardens are begging to be worked on.

Instead I decided to start writing.
Then I couldn't quit.
It has been many hours and many words, and I have discovered characters that I love,despise and admire- all at the same time.
I have heard authors say that writing is lonely; and obviously it can be, since one is alone. However, I find when I write fiction- especially when I stumble upon characters like I did today- that it is not so lonely, because there are these newly created people who have a story to tell.
That is the essence of what I love about writing fiction-meeting these people and dragging their story out onto paper (or Word)
What I do not love so much is making interesting the mundane details of their lives. 

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