Saturday, March 19, 2011

It's a Baby Boom Around Here

Last Sunday we added six chicks.  I had only planned to buy three more, but the feed store had a minimum purchase of six.  Should they all survive into adulthood our flock will be  at 11 chickens.  This year I am sure we will have plenty of eggs to share.  I am still uncertain about having that many chickens, it seems like a lot, so I may sell off a couple- or give them away. 
Here are the chicks in their fluffy cuteness last week. Already they are getting feathers in and starting to look ugly- but here they were still cute

Here is a curious blurry chick.
After we got home from the store we discovered that the stray cat we took in was in labor.  So, the kids and I sat with her and watched her birth two kittens.
(sorry for the bad photo quality...I will be taking better ones this coming week)
After the babies are weaned and go off to their new homes the mama cat will be spayed and will go to her new home with my mother in law.

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