Tuesday, March 22, 2011

No one ever tells you how hard it is to be a parent...

I heard that on a TV show last night.
The response by the spouse was "because then no one would do it"
Too true.
Today I am folding clothes and listening to Sigur Ros.  I keep coming across articles of clothing that my children have outgrown, and achingly I am forced to put them in the thrift store pile.  The hard part of parenting isn't "dealing" with your children....the hard part is how fast they grow up...it is facing the demons from your childhood and trying to not repeat mistakes...but failing...it is looking at your child and it suddenly occurring to you that just yesterday they were a fresh infant...and today that child is almost your size with smelly shoes and in less than half of the years that you have been graced with him as your child...he will be an adult, and will leave.

The hard part of parenting is the sudden awareness of how short the time really is....even though when they were 3 and an absolute terror, the time couldnt go fast enough.

It is in the questioning of how many moments were lost because of your hurry to get things done, have the house clean, or wondering when you get a break.

The time Given with these people is all too short.


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