Monday, March 21, 2011

Coffee and Eccentricity

The first thing that comes to mind every morning as I wake up is the thought of my first cup of coffee.  It will be freshly brewed, with enough cream to make it the perfect shade of brown, and one spoon of sugar. This is the thing that gets me out of my bed every morning.  Other people have work, or their goals they can't wait to achieve, I simply have that one cup-thoughts and motivations for my goals and magnificent obsessions ( I love that term) appear afterward.

Coffee and my neurotic need to have it just so is one of my quirks that I think secretly drive my husband crazy.
This morning when I went to make my coffee I discovered that we were out of cream..and the following scenario developed...
Me (feeling a profound sense of loss with a dash of horror tossed in for good measure): "What happened to the cream? Did you give the kids the cream we had yesterday in their coffee?" (on Sundays kids get coffee)

Husband (with a raised eyebrow at my reaction- since any normal person would simply use one of the many other drinks we have in the fridge like Dark Chocolate Almond milk or Vanilla Coconut milk); "Yeah...they wanted coffee...they like cream, I gave them the rest of it"

Me: "You can't do that!!! We had this conversation before, and I asked you to use milk for them instead of cream. Now my coffee will be all wrong, and that sets my day  off badly. You know how those motivational people say to not read the news first thing because it gives you an overdose of negativity first thing...THAT is how much my coffee not being right affects me"

Husband: "Ooook. Do you want me to drive to the store and buy more? I don't ever remember this conversation"

Me (realizing I was acting like an ass over something insignificant) : "No, it's ok...Im weird.  Im sorry for overreacting it is just that first cup is what I look forward to when I wake up and it needs to be done a certain way."

Husband: "Well, you do have your quirks and you are eccentric, but every genius is. You are a genius and this is just one area your quirks show up"

Oldest Son: "Yeah! Every age had its geniuses....just most people thought they were really madmen"

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  1. You made me smile! I enjoy your blog :)
    I love good cup of coffee too, but can´t drink it straight in the morning - due to too fast heartbeat afterwords. Anyway - every time is good for a coffee.

    If you have time have a look at my blog


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