Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Fireflies, photos and probable bad impressions

Last evening after getting the kids to bed I wandered outside because of the sky.

I stood and breathed and let my mind settle after a busy day. As the sun set further, the toads began to sing, then the jug-a-rum calls of the bullfrogs from the back ponds showed up. A high pitched squeaking with scrambling sounds came from the vicinity of the barn as the bats made ready for their nighttime exodus.
I stood and watched as the bats dropped out...they fall and swoop back up. Twenty one bats exited last night.

The fireflies began their nightly signaling, sparking off nature's strobe light show in the bushes, trees, and tall grasses.
For some reason I thought I should photograph it and see what I managed to capture.
I tried several positions to steady myself for the long exposure time since I wasn't using my flash.
Out of curiosity I turned the flash back on and took a picture...at the exact same time a truck was driving through the field next to my property. It was the Developer.
I kept on taking pictures, but had to wonder what he was thinking about this woman running around in the semi dark taking photographs.
It was a bit weird.

I moved to the other side of my yard so I would feel less weird, and stood -taking picture after picture.
There was a rustling noise.
Every time the shutter clicked and I was left sightless standing perfectly still so as not to blur the photo too badly, I heard the rustling.
I half expected that when the shutter closed that I would see some horrible gaping monster through my viewfinder.
No such luck...close though, because the noise was a raccoon in the Mulberry tree.
I went back to the other side of the yard because raccoons are horrible. I went back to using the flash while covering it with my hand...and again, right then the developer drove away.
Wonder if he thought I was photographing him? 
The photo results...
Blurry, noisy photos with pinpricks of light that are fireflies.

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  1. Wow, that sunset picture is incredible! Absolutely breathtaking :)


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